Athletes from around the world join Easton, PA’s CrossFit Advanced in the Annual Royal H. Burpee Challenge to honor the Easton man who made the exercise a household name: Royal Huddleston Burpee.

The challenge begins February 3, 2019 by doing 1 burpee. The next day, do 2. Then 3. And so on. Add a burpee a day for 122 days. The challenge ends on June 4th with 122 burpees on what would have been Royal H. Burpee’s 122nd birthday. In total, athletes perform 7,503 burpees over 122 days in our 9th annual Royal Burpee Challenge!

The Rules:

  • All burpees for the day must be done by midnight.
  • If all the burpees are not completed for a given day, then all the burpees for the missed day plus the burpees for the current day must be completed by midnight. (Example: I only got 40 done on day 50. To catch up, on day 51, I will do all 50 from the previous day and the 51 for the current day.)  *Suggestion: do not get too far behind!
  • Burpees cannot be paid forward.
  • Chest-to-deck burpees are the standard.  Feel free to modify as needed.
  •  Burpees in a prescribed daily workout do not count towards those due for the challenge. This rule can be decided by each participating individual, group, or box.

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